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You’ve come to the right place. 432Hz is all about the fun, the Funk and Rock.  As they ROCK the stage with hardcore melodies or soft symphonies, you never really know what you're gonna get.  Be prepared to be mesmerized and taken over by their love of music as a whole.  All instruments are tuned to the frequency of 432Hz and the PHENOMENAL fans, called FREQ's, always show their love.  Book them NOW and enjoy a KILLER show!



432Hz - Vocals

Jypsy Nichols, is an interdisciplinary artist and modern day Renaissance woman.  Her passion for sound in all its purest forms, was the driving force behind her decision to learn to play acoustic guitar and study Bel canto for two years.

This talented multi-talented woman has been able to use her training on stage as an actress in numerous musical productions and as a background vocalist in many performances.

Off stage, Jypsy Nichols is a professional make-up artist and project manager for both film and stage productions. Although Jypsy is a natural executor behind the scenes, her enthusiasm and vibrant personality often call her in front of the camera as a voice-over talent, actress and vocalist.



432Hz - Guitar / Lead Vocals

Jeff Paige is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who produces his own work. Originally from Boston he now spends most of his time in Atlanta, where he performs with his band "432hz".

His most recent accomplishment includes a Nomination in the 2018 Black Reel Awards for "Best Original Song".

Jeff's music is littered with influences from Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, The Tavare and Rich James. With his band, they connect with the audience through a powerful fusion of Funk and Rock with sprinkles of Jazz and Blues.

With his band 432Hz, bandmates connect to each other, and the audience, through a powerful fusion of Funk and Rock with sprinkles of Jazz and Blues. Jeff’s music is littered with influences from Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, The Tavares and Rick James. The music and lyrics are created to touch the soul and leave crowds feeling like they just had a party.



432Hz - Bass / Vocals

J. Kevin Powell is a musician, songwriter and arranger who got his start like everybody else, with a recorder. He tossed that in second grade moving to the clarinet for a year before discovering the trumpet. Kevin soon discovered the ability to tell stories through music, and particularly jazz.
By the time Kevin reached Baltimore City College, he had participated in small performances at church and through school, but was opened to where music could take him while discovering improvisation in a friend’s basement session that included Jazz great Dizzy Gillespie. Freshman year, Kevin analyzed Miles Davis, Clifford Brown and Lee Morgan. He won local and regional awards while also leading a jazz combo at private events and clubs he was too young for.
Kevin recorded his band’s practice sessions in the basement of his parents’ house. A chance car ride ended with a recording in the hands of a Sony representative.
A health issue ended Kevin’s jazz career, but opened the door for bass. He began focusing on Gospel and R&B, but found his true love for heavy Funk bass lines with melodic elements while allowing the freedom for purposefully dissonant notes, connecting him to his jazz roots.



432Hz - Drums

Te’Quila Martin is an Atlanta born, but Alabama raised, drummer. She began playing drums at the age of 12 during church offering. Seriously though, Te’Quila was only allowed to play one song every Sunday. She eventually earned playing the entire church service within two years.

Te’Quila has mostly expanded her skills as a self-taught musician. She tried out for concert band in middle school and began to learn other percussion instruments over time.

As college approached, Te’Quila accepted a full basketball scholarship and stepped away from music. However, the complexity and feel of a drum set continued to call her.

Te’Quila answered that call when her wife introduced her to bandmate Kevin. The connection was clear during jam sessions at his house. The ability to vibe and feed off of one another later led to a connection to bandmate Jeff Paige. That sparked, somewhat jokingly, an invitation to join 432hz.  Proving once again, there's truth in a joke.

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