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432Hz - Percussion

Instrumentalist, artist, composer, producer, assistant band director to name a few. It all started in the youth choir at his uncles church. Every 2nd sunday he would be stolen from my parents to lead a couple of songs. Shortly after he started piano lessons.  Later he joined the school band in 6th grade and made the transition from drummer to percussionist.

Ron studied music at both South Carolina and Georgia State Universities.  He currently plays for the atlanta braves heavy hitters drumline and the quickly rising Funk/Rock band “432Hz”. 

Angelo Hatcher Arthur Wright III and Tim Greene played a big part in molding Ron into the percussionist he is today.  Favorite kit percussionists, you ask?Clyde Frazier III Webster Mobley and Michael Coleman. 

When Ron isn't playing music, he's usually working on his quest to unlock perfect pitch.  so the unanswered question is... What key was this bio written in?

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